Why Hoff Goods? What is this all about?

To anyone who's been following along my freelance design journey for the past year, you are probably wondering what is this new brand? How is it different from what I was doing before under 'Haleigh Hoff Design'? And why should I care?

Well here's what is going on. I decided to take things a step further. You know, like let's stop playing in the kiddie pool and dive headfirst into the freakin' ocean, instead. Let's turn the heat up to HOT, let's throw ALL the balls onto the court, let's catch every fish in the sea (and release them). Heck! Let's use every euphemism we can find for doing things BIG and use them here in this paragraph to make a point. 

This last year of working on my own has been completely nuts, and I'm so grateful for all the projects I've gotten to work on and to be successful enough to sustain a living from my artwork. I mean how cool is that? But what I've learned in the past year is that I'm feeling a lot more excited to work on projects of my own, than working for others. Client work is awesome, but I often feel like it's taking away from the expression and artistic style that is mine, like I'm putting on a hat to create in someone else's style. This is why I started making stickers and small goods and selling them online, because it was a vessel to get my artwork out there unfiltered. 

Well, you all are insane, and decided to buy all my little funky stickers and shirts and gave me the confidence to keep doing it. People always say, if something's working and it feels good, don't stop, go after it. (I actually don't know if anyone says that, but I do, so I'm sticking to it). So yeah! Hoff Goods is the bigger, cooler, more badass older sister to Haleigh Hoff Design. Hoff Goods is a lifestyle apparel and accessories brand that is going to exist as a pure and wildly eclectic flow of my creative expression put onto items that I hope other people will find joy in. 

This brand of soft goods and accessories will stand for the same things I do: love openly, be you in the you-est way you can, no bad days, stay weird as f*ck, and don't take life too seriously. 

Thank you all for the continued love and support, and for joining me on this wild ride of risky leaps into the unknown! 

xoxo Haleigh